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Welcome to Raichur City @ Rice Mill Idustries Vishwashanti Agro Industries

Sri K.V.Krishna Rao the promoter of Vishwashanti Agro Industries has 30 years of Experience in the field of agriculture and especially the paddycultivation, the frist person to introduce basmati cultivation (Pusa 1121) sucessfully in south india.He has motivated the fellow farmers to adopt the new and innovative practices of paddy cultivation there by increaseing the productivity and profitability of farmers Winner of National Award For Best Progressive Farmer for the Year 2009 By Pusa University,New Delhi.

Mr. Rao’s courage to adopt new farming practices made him successful
Raichur: High cultivation cost due to unscientific crop management practices, unavailability of quality seeds, low price for agricultural commodities are the main problems which normally hinder farmers, especially small and marginal farmers, from introducing new variety of crops in their fields. But the enterprising K.V. Krishna Rao, a progressive farmer in Madagiri Camp of Manvi taluk in Raichur district, has taken up the cultivation of basmati variety of rice in his field.
Mr. Rao only cultivated basmati on an experimental basis covering small acres of land in the command area of the Tungabhadra Left Bank Canal. His courage in adopting new farming methods in crop diversification has, however, made him a successful farmer.
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